A Kiss, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1891).
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Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Detail of Pompeian Scene or The Siesta, 1868
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Lose Loose Bounds

ARTISTKeishi Urata
TRACKLose Loose Bounds
ALBUMTexhnolyze OST - Music Only Music But Music


A Guide to Six Strange Ocean Phenomena Through a 19th Century Text

Curious things happen out on the ocean. Some of these natural phenomena are illustrated in detail in Philip Henry Gosse’s compendium The Ocean from 1854. As part of their recent releasing of more than a million images into the public domain through Flickr, the British Library shared a few of these strange occurrences in their 19th century glory, and out on the seas you can still sometimes witness the otherworldly spectacles with your own eyes. 

We break them down for you over on Atlas Obscura…


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