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But I’m proud to report that no one comes up with more creative cannon fodder than video games. In games, anything can be an enemy! An angry pickle! An irate toaster! Whatever the heck a goomba is! A whole glorious world of psychopathic possibilities is yours for the choosing… but rather than overwhelm you with a huge list, I’ve created the Alphabetical Bestiary of Choices:

[my favorites]

Evil creepy children. blank eyes stare so sadly. They’re easy to dispose of (‘cept when guarded by Big Daddy).

Darn those Unholy cultists! Their demons are a blight. They’re crazy; but without these guys, there’d be no one to fight.”

from “Level 11: They All Want You Dead - I Love Designing Enemies,” Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design

Mama needs chores to do on her Wii U…

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C'est un cars

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Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica
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